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Ecodyne Industrial Heat Exchanger Group is a leading providerĀ of air cooled heat exchangers to the power, oil & gas and process industries. We offer application solutions for cooling gas turbine, steam turbines, auxiliaries and balance of plant, reciprocating engines, compressors and lubrication oil. With over 70 years of experience our application solution designers areĀ able to tailor a solution to provide the lowest total acquisition cost and risk for your project.



Client Siemens Energy, Inc.
Location(s): North Carolina, USA
Capacity: 402 MW
Plant: 1x Siemens SGT6-9000HL
Order: 2017/Q4
Hardware: Modular ECO-TAC air cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) / Fin Fan Coolers, supporting steel structure, modular piping spools, handrails and staircases
Services: Engineering, testing, quality assurance, logistics
Website: Link to external site
By: Trent Crawford
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