Project Management


Markus Spring

Head of Project Management

Hello, I am Markus Spring, the Head of Project Management at Ecodyne. My team and I work tirelessly to ensure your project is a success. I have been at Ecodyne for over 10 years and have managed the execution of over 100 air cooled heat exchanger projects in this time.

Apart from our depth of industry experience, I think one thing that differentiates our approach is that we do our utmost to accommodate changes after the project start while minimizing any impact on schedule. This is very different to some other companies where every change is viewed as an opportunity to delay the project.

What customers can expect:

  • On-schedule delivery
  • Full compliance with customer specifications and up-front agreement on any deviations.
  • To stay fully informed of the project status.
  • To receive fast feedback on any change requests.
  • Extremely high quality documentation.
  • Well prepared inspection and test programs