Burmeister Wain Scandinavian Contractors (BWSC) selects Ecodyne Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

  • 18th of July, 2017
  • Trent Crawford
  • Organizational news

Ecodyne has been selected by Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractors (BWSC) to supply ECO-TAC modular radiators (air cooled heat exchangers) for their latest power project, located in Kayes, Mali. BWSC is responsible for engineering, procurement and construction of the 80MW power plant.  BWSC will be operating the power plant in a consortium for 10 years as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

The power plant comprises 6 x Caterpillar 16CM43 diesel engines, which are cooled by Ecodyne’s ECO-TAC LT/HT radiators. According to Caterpillar the 16CM43 has an ISO electrical output of 14,040 kWe with best-in-class efficiency.

The ECO-TAC radiators, which have been designed to consume very little electrical power, maximize the net electrical output of the power plant for BWSC. Further, an adiabatic ("Peak Cooling") cooling system ensures performance at extremely high ambient temperatures. The radiators not only provide the lowest Total Acquisition Cost, but also very low Total Cost of Ownership.

In 2013 Ecodyne was selected by BWSC to supply ECO-TAC radiators to BWSC for two large projects in Lebanon. Repeat orders followed in 2014 and 2015 for IPP Biomass projects in developed in the United Kingdom.

“Ecodyne is proud to have been chosen by BWSC to supply ECO-TAC radiators for their IPP project in Mali. The selection of Ecodyne for a third IPP project demonstrates the competitiveness of the ECO-TAC product line, not only in terms of Total Acquisition Cost, but also in terms of Total Cost of Ownership.” said Alexander Luft, Head of Sales and Marketing for Ecodyne.

Ecodyne Industrial Heat Exchanger Group is a leading provider of ultra-compact and modular air cooled heat exchangers to the power, oil & gas and process industries. The company offers application solutions for cooling gas turbine, steam turbines, auxiliaries and balance of plant, reciprocating engines, compressors and lubrication oil. With over 70 years of experience Ecodyne's application engineers are able to tailor a solution to provide the lowest total acquistion cost and risk for your project.